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It is time to switch to digital voting

The time is ripe. With state of the art encryption technology Votebox provides a voting method you can trust. Switching to Votebox can be game changer for your organization.

Save time and money
Online voting will considerably reduce the logistical cost of your election. The reduction in cost is considerable: you will find the cost per participant to be reduced from $5 to less than $1. Opting for digital voting will also eliminate the environmental cost of a paper election. That’s a great opportunity to make a positive change!
Increase turnout
Put all the logistical hassle of organising an election aside. Online voting will considerably improve the efficiency in organising your event. Simplify your process and make the experience more comfortable for every participant. Make it easier for the voters and you will see a dramatic increase in participation (up to +40%).
Prevent election disputes
Using Votebox will eliminate all contentious issues related to paper elections. With our strict authentication method, we prevent any case of null or fraudulent multiple votes. Reducting opportunities for fraud will reduce contention of the process and provide more legitimacy in the process.

The success of your election is our priority

We take democracy seriously. This is a why we combine the highest level of transparency on our process with security and compliance.

The security of your election is our number one priority. State of the art encryption, custom-made authentication methods, sealing process, IP tracking and our unique deployment of a personal database for each election allow us to guaranty the integrity of each election.
The anonymity of voters is a fundamental principal of a democratic vote. Using both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography we guaranty full anonymity. Each ballot is encrypted before it is stored in the vote database which makes it impossible for anyone to link the opinion expressed with the voter.
To make your election a success and avoid any dispute, we put in place a unique auditing method. We generate vote receipts that enable each voter to verify that their vote was properly taken into account and not modified.
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