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Designed for humans

Create an election for your organization in seconds. Your voters can vote from any location on any device.

Voter experience

Creating a vote on Votebox is as pleasant as voting. Our election builder eases you into creating visually rich and engaging questions.

Multiple question types

We support many types of questions and allow you to attach documents, photos & descriptions to your election questions.

Election manager support

Dedicated support: Have a question? Need help? We are one call/email away. We are committed to helping you run successful elections!

Optimized for mobile

Elections are optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Voters can vote from a web browser, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Vote directly from emails and SMS

Our Email and SMS blasts feature can include a secure unique voting link so that the elector can vote immediately.

Kiosk voting

Load it up in a computer at the kiosk and it will logout each voter automatically after they vote, for quick and efficient turnover.
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