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Taking internet voting to the next level

Votebox helps your organization run and manage voting events without limits, while you maintain complete control over the important election aspects and voter activity.

Mass emails and SMS

Schedule initial invitations to vote and reminders to those who haven't voted yet. Every email we send meets the strictest sending policies.

Scalability in our DNA

The very first vote we managed was open to 300k voters worldwide. Since then scalability is a priority of our secure cloud based architecture.

Increase your turnout

Provide an email address or a phone number for your voters and we will notify them when your election launches.

Easily import your voters

Import thousands of voters from an excel spreadsheet or CSV. file in a matter of seconds.

Flexible authentication methods

There are many secure allow us to authenticate a registered user: SMS or email messages can be used to verify the identity of the electorate.

Multiple elections

You can run several votes simultaneously. If someone is eligible to vote in multiple ballots he will be given the opportunity to vote in each one.
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