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Secure, transparent and fully verifiable

End to end verifiable elections built with cutting edge transparent technologies.

TLS encryption

2048-bits encryption: All elections have TLS grade security with 2048-bits encryption that keeps your election and ballots secure.

100% availability

Countless teams rely on Votebox for realtime voting. Votebox strives for maximum availability for both organizations and their voters alike.

Redundant backups

Information stored within Votebox is backed up securely offsite. Sensitive information and API keys are strongly encrypted.

Secure, anonymous voting

Voting events can be confidential if required. Each voter has a unique "Voter ID" and "Voter Key" and can only vote once.

2 step security

Add a layer of security by requiring a code at sign in, sent via SMS. Only you can access your account, even if someone knows your password.

Safe integrations

Votes can be integrated into your own web, allowing voters to access the ballot by logging into your site, something they may be accustomed to.
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