We comply with the highest standards

Here is what it takes to offer awesomability


Our cloud infrastructure is composed of a load balancer on the server side, meaning that we can perform updates without downtime, be fault-tolerant and scale to meet the resources needed for your voters.


Votebox uses CloudFlare to protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. CloudFlare has the most sophisticated mitigation technology on the market and has successfully blocked the largest DoS attacks seen on the Internet.


End-to-end verifiability means that we have implemented advanced mechanisms that allow to check if a vote was cast as intended, if it was recorded as cast and if is was counted as recorded.


Our servers are subjected to daily Trust Guard PCI Compliance security scans. Also, we conduct regular vulnerability scans with WhiteHat Security and source code security audits with HP Fortify.

Public confidence

We publish the performance statistics of our platform on status.votebox.co and we gladly share the success ratio of the voting events created and managed by our customers on Votebox.co.


Any change to the voting system must pass an internal security review before going live. Our platform status is published live on status.votebox.co where we also keep track of past incidents.


Votebox is committed to supporting electors with disabilities and making sure the ballot works with assistive technologies. Voting websites are audited against Section 508 and WCAG-2 accessibility requirements, and are assigned an "A" grade by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility. From time to time we also have a visually impaired person test the ballot using a screen reader.


Ballots are encrypted in your browser. That prevents the administrators of the vote and the platform to know the content of a specific vote. Our privacy policy and voting system have been independently certified by TRUSTe for compliance with their Privacy Certification and Trusted Cloud requirements.


We are building our platform with full redundancy across the entire infrastructure in order to be accountable. We keep consistent, durable records of all the voting events. Election records must reconcile — that is, the sum must equal the parts. If election accounting items are missing or can’t be inspected, the election is not accountable regardless of whether results are signed or certified.
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