Flawless election for your students

Votebox helps you run and manage secure online votes for your council or student group.
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Voter centric

We've created a voting experience that your voters will love, along with the tools you need to make it uniquely yours.
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Spend less time

Creating your vote or election becomes easy. Now, uploading and notifying your voters only take seconds.
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Secure by design

We're using cutting edge technologies to build the most advanced end-to-end verifiable election software.

Built for education

Discover how easy it may be to run secure online votes.


We integrate with common authentication technologies so that voters may use their existing university password.


Only one Votebox account is necessary for all voting on campus. Votebox allows for unlimited overlapping elections.
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Use cases

Student government
Faculty board/senate
Promotion & tenure
Greek-letter societies
Student advisory council
Alumni association

Run your votes on Votebox

Create your account and start running an unlimited number of voting events.
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Create a vote

Specify the dates, time and questions.
Choose your authentication method and upload your list of voters.
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Notify your voters

Reach out to your voter by email or SMS. You can also share with them a secure and unique voting link.
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Review results

Once the results are in, you can choose to publish them together with the audit report.
Start running elections
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