Votebox provides full support to election adminitrators

Carrying out a voting process requires extreme care. The legal dispositions must be respected, a protocol must be put in place and no errors likely to affect the integrity of the election should be made.

This is often a "time-consuming" process: for internal departments in charge of operations, for polling station members and mobilized observers, and for voters if they are forced to travel.

To meet these challenges, Votebox implements an effective methodology and tools to simplify the process.

Planning, organization

The full support of Votebox begins at the planning and organizing stage. We advise our clients on the possibilities opened by law and on the relevant modalities in the specific context of their elections. We draw up and adapt with them all the necessary documents, from the most elaborate to the simplest (company agreement, pre-election protocol, forecasting schedule, election announcements, invitation letters from trade unions, information note ...). If necessary, we are present at the meetings of presentation or negotiation with the stakeholders.

Preparing Polls

The complete support of Votebox continues with the creation of the vote with our secure platform. This step integrates the data and documents needed to conduct the voting process. In the case of electronic voting, we put online the voting site on the Internet and support the transmission of access codes.

Voting operations

During voting operations, the support of Votebox includes a permanent watch of the smooth voting process. A hotline provides support to voters (loss of access codes to the voting site) on an extended 7:30 am to 8 pm or permanent 24/7 time slot.

Counting and Closing Polls

Support includes Votebox help for counting operations. Whatever the modalities and the organization of the counting, our tools allow to automatically establish the results and to publish all the documents expected (announcement of the results, minutes, union audience, statistics ...). In this phase, we are extremely vigilant on the respect of the substantive and procedural conditions ensuring the integrity of voting operations (proclamation of results, preparation of minutes...). At the end of the counting session, Votebox ensures the archiving of electoral data during the appeal period before final destruction.

Counting the ballot boxes

At the end of the votes, the counting of the ballot boxes is organized in the presence of the Manager (and / or possible Correspondents), the members of the polling station and the designated observers.

In the case of Internet voting, the counting process is carried out automatically once the decryption keys, held by the members of the polling station, have been entered into the voting system.

Editing and publishing results

Once the votes have been counted, the system performs the calculations necessary for the proclamation of the results. In the case of elections, it proposes the allocation of seats according to the applicable rules of calculation. Having all the relevant data and details of the calculations applicable, the members of the polling station proclaim the results, which are then validated. Then Votebox publishes useful documents,.

Announcement of results;

Appropriate annexes, depending on the nature of the votes and the refunds planned upstream (statistics, lists of delegations, list of elected representatives, etc.).

Archiving and destroying data

At the end of the previous operations, the data from the ballots are recorded in the electronic safe for this purpose. They are retained during the appeal period, and then destroyed, according to the agreed timetable.

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