The process of Internet voting

Votebox manages each step of the electronic voting process via the Internet, depending on the characteristics of the voting and the legal obligations related to the implementation of electronic voting.

Planning and Organization

  • Creation of the "Voting record"
  • Announcement of voting operations
  • Invitation of the participants
  • Editing Reference Documents
  • Customizing the voting system

Preparing Polls

Registration of electoral rolls Call for candidates (elections) Registration of candidate lists (elections) Registration of Resolutions (Resolutions) Generating credentials and passwords Sending identifiers and passwords Invitation of participants to the test and seal

Voting operations

Control of data Testing the voting system Sealing the voting system Editing and delivery of decryption keys Opening of elections Vote Closure of ballots

Proclamation and publication of results

Counting the ballot boxes (by entering the decryption keys) Reading and verifying results Proclamation of results Drafting of the minutes of the election Mandatory Forms Editing Legal archiving
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