Organize the election of the board

The election of the board concerns associations whose bylaws provide that the members of the board shall be elected. The rules for the organization and conduct of voting are then laid down in the statutes.

Legal Framework for the Election of the Bureau of an Association

The law does not lay down specific provisions for the appointment of members of the board of the associations. The terms of the election must therefore be fixed by the bylaws, or failing to do so, by the General Assembly of the members.

Frequency of Election in an Association

The bylaws fix the periodicity of the election of the members of the Bureau of the Association. The duration of the mandates of 2 or 4 years is most often observed.

Nature of Elections for the Election of the Bureau and the President of an Association

The nature of the ballots is determined by the bylaws of the association. As a general rule, the election shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of single-member and one-member polling. In this case, the voters choose a number of candidates equal to or less than the number of seats to be filled, in the list of candidates.

Organization of the election of the board of an association

The election of the members of the Board of the Association is usually held at a General Assembly. In order to allow electors who are not present on the day of the meeting to vote, electronic voting may be proposed. In this context, the list of candidates is drawn up before the scheduled date of the General Assembly, voters having the period before the day of the General Assembly to express their votes. If votes are to be taken on the day of the General Assembly, they must be consolidated with the "pre-Assembly" votes, before the Election Commission deplores and proclaims the results.

Role of the board of an association

The office of the association shall include at least one chairman, one secretary and one treasurer. The board is the governing body of the association, its members have decision-making powers. The day-to-day management tasks of the association are distributed.

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