Association governance votes

These include the election of delegates to the board governance (indirect representation of the members) or the managed model (direct representation of the members).

Legal Framework for association governance votes

The modalities for setting up the elections are defined in the bylaws of the association. The transition to electronic voting or mixed voting requires the amendment of the articles of association by the vote of a resolution at an extraordinary general meeting.

Particularities of association governance votes

It is a list vote: opinion groups present a list whose number of candidates is equal to the number of positions to be filled. There is no possibility of individual exclusion. Candidates are generally grouped by polling division corresponding to their geographical location (department or grouping of departments). Seats are either allocated to proportional representation (depending on the number of votes obtained) or by majority (seats are assigned to the list with relative / absolute majority). Each list may present a propaganda or profession of faith in digital format.

Organization of association elections

The election is generally organized in three phases. A first phase of preparation consists of drawing up the list of voters by section and by college, collecting and validating the corresponding candidatures, and preparing and sending the voting materials (postal voting materials and / Access to the electronic voting site for voters).

A second phase is devoted to voting operations, including the recording of electronic voting and the collection of postal votes.

The third phase is devoted to the counting of electronic votes and / or by correspondence, to the proclamation and communication of the results.

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