The social barometer

In order to monitor and measure the state of the company's climate, the opinions of your employees, the levels of commitment, find ways of improvement and internal optimization on different axes (quality of work life, Organization and internal performance, managerial and HR practices, internal communication, etc.), Votebox assists you in the preparation, implementation and running of a social barometer.

Implementation of the social barometer

In practice, voting via the Internet, via a secure site outside the organization and in compliance with the legal obligations relating to the implementation of electronic voting, is the most appropriate way of guaranteeing the integrity of a social The above objectives.

Each "voter" receives personal access codes from the social barometer site (transmitted by electronic means) and has a fixed period to connect to the site and record his answers to the various questions asked. The secrecy of the answers is guaranteed by their encryption and the absence of any reconciliation between a response and an employee.

Why organize a social barometer?

Employees' commitment is an essential factor in their performance. Different internal sources for reporting on the social climate do not always provide reliable data on the state of the situation.

Indeed, management, staff representatives and the HR network that can be set up are often not sufficient for this approach because each of these channels can be polluted by internal issues. The creation of a social barometer or a staff satisfaction survey complements the HR barometer of social statistics (absenteeism, turnover, work accidents) by giving a new dimension to this information.

Votebox allows you to measure:

  • Sources of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction;
  • The discrepancy between the perception of employees and management;
  • The evolution of the perception of employees over time;
  • The gap between working conditions and the actual expectations of employees;
  • The elements that matter most to your employees in the overall satisfaction they have of your company and their level of commitment
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